About Us

AmorMasson was curated in Baltimore Md by A Mason jr. AmorMasson is a product of my imagination and life experiences with love. My earliest memories of fashion were from my late father who stayed fresh head to toe in brands such as Gucci , Polo , True religion etc. He also had his own clothing brand. AmorMasson is a Designer Street wear brand that curates clothing garment’s based around the motto “for the wages of love is heartbreak”. The reason behind this is “Amor” in our brands name means love. The brand is based on love and the objective is to exploit the negative’s that come with love . One thing for sure about love that we all can agree on is that you’re 100% guaranteed to get your heartbroken . Although the brands motto is “for the wages of love is heartbreak” we do encourage love and embrace it all over the world and in my hometown of Baltimore . While spreading love and getting your hearts broken we want you to look fashionable while doing it think about it wouldn’t you you rather be heartbroken while stylish or just heartbroken. For as long as I can remember fashion has played a huge role in my culture and environment. At AmorMasson we believe fashion brings people together in harmony . Fashion has been an outlet and safe haven for me and my peers we often times have friendly competitions to see who has the best style to see who can “put that shit on” the best. We hope you guys follow us on our journey and welcome to the world of AmorMasson.